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Selected media: interviews and discussions of my work

Dazed, “The Rise of Platonic Life Partnerships,” 6/10/2022

The Atlantic, “What If Friendship, Not Marriage, Was at the Center of Life?,” by Rhaina Cohen, 10/20/2020

Huffington Post, podcast interview on Asexuality and Aromanticism, D is for Desire podcast

The Atlantic, “New Questions in Philosophy” (behind a paywall), 7/18/2018

Ha’aretz (article in Hebrew), 9/3/2017

Washington Post, “What is Amatonormativity?,” 7/6/2017

New York Magazine, There’s a Word for the Assumption that Everybody Should Be in a Relationship,” 3/8/2017

New York Times Book Review, After Marriage, 4/5/2016

Electric Lit, article by ACE journalist Angela Chen, “More Books Without Romance,” 3/5/2018

CW’s national morning show “Morning Dose” on “Amatonormativity” 7/7/2017

Times of India (also in the Mumbai Mirror), “Is Marriage a Fraud?,” 7/7/2015

Philosophy TV, Elizabeth Brake and Simon May discuss marriage, 2011

Short pieces by me

The Conversation, “In Texas, price gouging during disasters is illegal … ,” 2/24/2021

The Conversation, “Single during the holidays? It doesn’t mean being lonely or alone,” 12/20/2018, revised as “Single on Valentine’s Day and happily so,” 2/12/2021

To Make Families Good for Democracy, Broaden the Notion of Family Itself,” Zocalo, December 15, 2016.

“We May Procreate Instead of Adopting,” The Philosophers’ Magazine, 2016.

Blog contributions

Freedom and Other Philosophical Themes in Dylan’s Lyrics,” The Daily Nous 10/14/2016.

Why not privatize disaster response? What’s Wrong blog 9/28/2015.

Why can’t we be (legally recognized) friends? theForum (LSE) 9/14/2015.

Contributor, Philosophers on the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling Daily Nous 6/29/2015.

Just Care: What Society Owes the Elderly Philosop-her 1/16/2015.